Haiku: Cloudy Wednesday


There is no dead space

Emptiness, illusory

Every moment breathes


As a poem lays down

On white sheets, so too will I

Rhyme my enigma?


My ink, sopping wet

Will quench the ravenous fire

Behind your iris


Even the strongest

Tallest tree who ever lived

Had to learn to bend


Dead leaves whispering

Cackling like old woman

With brittle humor


The following is a poem whereby each stanza is a haiku, because I see no reason why I can’t play with the rules of poetry form:

A wild bird in hand

Is certainly no better

Than two in a bush


Don’t we admire

Such untamed beauty simply

Because it is free?


Unconstrained by land

Forces of Earth’s gravity

Are lightly cast off


Is it jealousy

For the lawless joy of flight

That hoods the red hawk?


A canary sings

In his gilded cage so sweet

Only to find love


Not to give you joy

Because he is thankful for

The clean newspaper


His door left ajar

Will reveal his true nature

In a blink, he’s gone


And tell me this, Love

Was he not more lovely still

In those clear blue skies?



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