Cheap Wine and Philosophy

This is for Kellie Elmore, may she weather her storms with strong roots


It was dark… but you know

That’s when you can see the stars

Or, so I told myself

Glass half full, except

It was very bad wine

I drank it anyway

It was that kind of night

Trees whispered things I did not wish to hear

So I ignored them

And in so doing

Did not hear the wind

But whatever, no matter, nada to me

I just thought about a particular person

Among millions of people

Sculpted dead air into the well-loved features

Of his oblivious expression

Hanging hopes on his branches

Gossamer strands of fragile words

Woven with tearful song, impossible wanting

Which his torrents of breath, sharp knives of teeth

Would cut to ribbons every time he spoke

Children build castles made of sand

Joyfully aware of the incoming tide

And that is not beside the point at all, really

When you reach the bottom of the bottle, you see

As I did, reflected by that bare green glass

How we all build our castles, our walls, our security

Yet unlike the child, refuse to see

The tides of life barreling toward us

And when they consume our carefully constructed life

Wipe it all away in one fell swoop

We are left only with ourselves, and we decide

To revel in renewal or weep for death…

To live in the moment that has just passed

Or live for the moments you have yet to create



4 thoughts on “Cheap Wine and Philosophy

  1. Beautiful Kelley! Love the last line – “Or live for the moments you have yet to create” just perfect and inspiring. I am sure Kellie will love this, she is in all our prayers.


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