Walking down the street today

Uncle Tom’s stony concrete facade

Was crumbling around the edges

Firm steel center giving way to weed-strewn suburbs

Of the mind and matter once called Freedom

There I saw roots from a humble dandelion

No wider than my smallest finger

Bursting with wild delight

From asphalt fists

Who, though clenched with lawful might

Broke and gave way to the slow persistence

Of one disregarded, meager voice

Calling from deep beneath that veneer of civility

For a simple taste of sunlight

And seeing this fragile beauty

A verdant reminder of those churning depths

Centripetal revolutions of life

Glorious wonders slumbering just beneath my tread

Made me contemplate the paradox of it’s fragile form

So delicate and unassuming

Benign, unobtrusive in it’s incredible revelation

That it is not brute force which attains the impossible

If your will is greater than the mountain before you

That mountain will surely be moved



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