Cover me not with soft petals and flattery

Let the roses grow unmolested

Do not scatter their carcasses tenderly

Where my nightly dreams have rested

Leave wax, also, for the sake of bees

Set not their labor to flame

Of candles nor song have I a need

When our windows whisper rain

Beguile me instead with the simplicity

Of your eyes which taste my flesh

Painting salty complexities

In every baited breath

Drive me to the edge of No Man’s Land

May your beast be there revealed

To be stroked, untamed by a poet’s hand

Where no metaphors conceal

Beneath all trite trappings of civility

You are naked as the day you were born

In this way present your Self to me

For my heart has been forlorn


4 thoughts on “Bare

  1. gspottedpen

    Beautiful imagery; you paint a tapestry of words…..the nuances of tension between a thought that is imprisoned and yet that’s released to cadence of liberation and the the juxtaposition of ambivalent contradictions leaves my angst arrested, yet liberated. Anand Bose


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