A Stranger To Yourself

Even at midnight

When the swollen moon

Hung heavy

As a woman ripe with child

She remained

A stranger to you


Softly she would stroke

Pale flesh

Pulling your waters

With the gentle insistence

Of a lover

Tugging at the sheets

Trying to unveil you

Lay bare those stark divides

Where sunlight

Was far too modest

To lay his kisses


Still you would turn

From that darkened window

Having no urge

To undress

Un-zip your religion

Slide wiggling from your jeans

As a snake would

Leave desiccated childhood

With pride

To wither in his wake


Lamp-lit obscurity

Illumines nothing

But bare walls, and

Man-made ramparts

Fending off advances

From the armies of darkness

When the Knowing

Is so close

Beyond your panes


I see both of your faces

Framed with metaphor

As your gaze finds me

One side smiling

Like a Jack of Hearts

While the other

Is cast in shadow

As you look away

From night


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