Sand And Solitude

Wet daydreams wick from my flightless feathers

Dry wit, hydrophobic, repelling the dew

That sparkles like diamonds flung upon emerald meadows

Where once my slick bare feet

Strolled naked and soiled


Stars peer from behind curtains of daylight

Wishing upon my brief passage

Calloused sole alighting



That slow hour, high noon

Where time passes relative

To the pace of my thoughts

I stroll at ease where liquid sand dunes

Swallow my footprints behind me

In silent cascades


8 thoughts on “Sand And Solitude

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  2. gspottedpen

    The imagery startles the reader and it’s resonant with lyrical canticles; there’s a juxtaposition of nature’s tangible realities with the inner consciousness of mind, elevating both to a pinnacle of beauty.

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