Journal Entry 1-23-2016

Well it has been a while since I found my way to my notebooks, those brittle crumbling reminders of bygone days and long expired wanting. So many months, years, breaths were spent since last I made a pen warm with thoughts long pent up and smoldering.

Now I find myself here at such a late hour regurgitating my thoughts on this pathetic key board that gives nothing- nothing. Like a beautiful woman naked but passed out cold beyond entertainment. Damn you computer and your cold lifeless face

All the words leak away into cracks, small fissures made by the slow persistence of watery thoughts pervading, invading, degrading my once solid foundations till I run liquid and pliable.

I walk silent along a river bed bombarded by noisy accompaniments of doubt, quest, yearning and inspiration

Be gone you pest of pessimism, you silent serpent in a bed of ease

Be gone you burdensome beauty, boxum burgundy tinted temptress

Pulling my tongue to truths unwritten, even in the wildest of midnight musing. Cheap red haired glassed with blank staring eyes, mirroring your own reflection have a way of doing that…

So long has my hand been lax that my truth comes sluggish and in-elegant. I am finding my way back to the shelter of trees, where pages rustle like leaves in the wind

Forgive this poet her rambling byways…




2 thoughts on “Journal Entry 1-23-2016

  1. Hi! I am an old-new blogger. Relationship with Blogging has been complicated for me. This piece of writing is amazing. Amazing in a sense that I resonate personally so much towards it … You write beautifully. Never stop! Good day. 🙂


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