Miss Opportunity

I was the cliff you fell from

Stony face implacable

As gravity claimed your high minded

Attempts to deny him


I was the earth that rose to meet you

Shattering your dreams

Into a thousand glittering shards

Upon that mountain you believed

Was only a mole hill


I was the rain that fed the pool

Where you filled your empty cup


I was the sun who warmed you

Burned your skin till you peeled like a birch tree

Exposed your clean pink layers

To an eager breeze


I was the flesh you consumed

My juices hot and sizzling

You cooked me with rice

And sucked my bones


I was the song you sang

Out of key

As you did the dishes

Watching robins dance

Outside the window


I was the dream you never had

That fruit, never tasted

A poem you never wrote

A chance you never took

The woman you never loved


Now I am the moon

And when my gravity sways you

It is only the tide

Not the pull of my iris


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