I Love You, World

I don’t believe in God-government

I am a political atheist

I do not sing anthem praise to small pox blankets and internment camps

I have been known to hug trees and escort spiders outdoors on a small piece of paper

I dig lightly in the garden and thank the worms when I find them

I am a simple lover of sunsets and cold beer

I have never had much faith in government, but I have faith in people

I have known violence, ignorant hate, racism

Yet also have I seen such love from strangers that I wept, wordless with gratitude

I live in Hawaii, the most diverse state in the U.S.

Here  “white” is a minority among many who share the land, and I am aware that I am an interloper

I wish all America could see this Aloha, where we are all one mixed up family together

No matter the skin color of your neighbor, we are all Ohana

We say “Antie” and “Uncle” to everyone if we do not know their name

I have children of all colors mobbing my back door every day after school saying “Auntie did you make cookies?”

“Build a wall” he says

I spit

Ask China how that worked for them

Ask Berlin

As I said before, I do not believe in politics

Walls do nothing but give people a line in the sand to fight over

This land is my land, this land your land, and this land was stolen without shame

The world belongs to all of us, every bleeding one of us, and we are not the greatest mother fuckers walking on it

Respect, that’s what I believe in

To the birds who roost in the branches and shit on my car, the mail carrier, the homeless veteran, the local stray dog, the police who give me a ticket, all of them receive equal treatment from me

I do not give an eye for an eye

It makes me sad to see this same old worn out argument

Of who has the right to love, to live without fear, to live in this or that country

Telling someone what gender they should be sounds so utterly ridiculous to me, I just don’t understand the argument

“Mind your own business” my mother taught me, and I do

I want the world to know that I love you, all of you, even if you do not love me

I want the world to know that we the people are the majority, and the majority of people are kind

Too much are we taught to fear, to hate, to build walls between eachother

I say build a bridge

With a smile or a cookie

And all that troubled water will flow beneath


11 thoughts on “I Love You, World

    1. Yes Darren it is lovely here. Very diverse. I came from a very small town in Washington and coming here was like another world. These islands were not just inhabited, they were a nation unto themselves with a monarchy that was overthrown by “white” settlers. There is of course bad blood from some who ritefully protest the ownership of the islands, but Hawaiians believe in Aloha “being present in breath” with others. They have shared this love with all who have come here and changed this place into something magical. So many faiths and ethnicities who embrace Aloha, who love you like family despite any differences.
      It is so small here that people cannot afford to fight over semantics.
      However if you leave litter on the beach some big bra gonna come beat your ass 🙂 respect the aina (the land) is number one

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  1. tobias puente

    Thank You Kelly Rose…these are my sentiments and feelings EXACTLY. You put it so well. How do we get 55 million supporters of ‘he who shall not be named’ to read this? (ok, maybe 1 million of his supporters, as I’m not sure 54 million of the rest of them CAN read!…ok, that wasn’t nice, and I promised I’m trying to be kind in all this madness).
    Just yesterday I walked a spider out of the house! And political atheist? Fantastic line!
    My last name means bridge….
    You really struck me…I will be forwarding this all over the world…it will be in Kuwait, Saudi, Korea, Long Beach, Yokohama, Vancouver, Sacramento, Eugene…and MORE!
    You are great with words…Love IT!
    Again, thank you.


  2. ed cordova

    You are the best, genuine, kind, real.
    You have live many lifetimes, may you be getting to your eventual destination soon, or not.
    Either way I bless our stars that our paths crossed.
    You have enriched my life beyond the measure I thought possible.
    The mark of a Buddha is seen in simple life, and you are simple life.

    Aloha, my dharma sister


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