The Memory Of A Tree

Another from the vaults

The Memory Of Trees

This is a FWF prompt from Kellie Elmore at


I am a tree.

My roots delve deeply into the mountain soil, suckling the sweet water of hidden springs.

This body bears 750 rings of age, but I hold that as my secret. You will never know unless you murder me. Like holding a butterfly to examine it’s beauty, now a fleeting one once you have touched delicate wings with oily fingers. Bringing death to the exquisite being you had been admiring, in the act of appreciating it’s life.

These arms reach out to embrace the sky, I am the bridge between heaven and earth. Rustling and dancing to the tunes of wind, I will whisper to you wisdom if your mind is quiet enough. I will shade you from the sun, shelter you from rain, and breathe life into your lungs as I sip on the breeze.

I am a Mother of the forest, hosting birds…

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3 thoughts on “The Memory Of A Tree

  1. Loved reading this so much! Beautiful story Kelly thanks for the repost. I would have felt the same. We have a law here in my county, if you cut an oak down you have to plant 10. If I ever have to for some unforseeable reason, I’ll plant 20!


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