A Letter From Your Little Sister

In the back of our minds, we knew a storm was coming
We could feel it on our skin, the oily charge of tension

It made our hair stand on end

We shuddered in the darkness and stocked our cupboards
We noted all the exits and mountain passes of egress
Sharpening the blade of our instincts on a whetstone of media
We could see in each other’s eyes how we were becoming feral

It was inevitable as a drawn bow
Our fawning nature begged
For an arrowhead

As clouds gathered, we dispersed
Desperately clutching to our meager pride
Divided we fell, to the Fear Monger of False Rhetoric

Where now is our loyalty to Lady Liberty?
Will she carry her torch alone through the storm?
What of her tired, her hungry, her poor
Those seeking asylum and freedom from tyranny?

We the People have no color, we have only unity

No longer will I sit silent, demure
Well trained never to speak of things bigger than I
For I am a nation
Unto myself
Beholden to my neighbors
My brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles
Those ancestors I buried all over this world

My voice alone belongs to me
And I will not be silenced by a tide of opposition
No matter how it seeks to drown me

So cheers to my family, whatever race you may be
I drink a toast to our pursuit of love and freedom
It is a rocky road we travel
But I will give you shelter from this storm
If we meet upon my road


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