Just Over The Hill, Not Far Away

Hush, my dear one

Come nearer to my stony heart

This mountain of flesh and bone

Here the grass grows greener

Tickles your toes when they are naked

The stream of consciousness is clean, pure of hatred

Please, drink till your thirst for Truth has been sated

Fill your mouth with fruits of knowledge

No apples are forbidden here

The dawn chorus still sings to your blood

In this cathedral of trees and azure sky

The earth is black and pregnant with decay

In Her womb rest the seeds of our future gardens

Where our beans will climb the corn stalks

And our children will climb the chestnuts




3 thoughts on “Just Over The Hill, Not Far Away

      1. This one was not so much a poem as it was… A wish
        Good thoughts sent out to people who were looking for a quiet space in the trees
        A general hug for peoplekind


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