The Serpent Road


A road wends like a snake in the grass

Without the meataphor usually associated

To reptiles given a bad reputation

This road did not lurk or menace

It lay sunning itself, contentedly

On a hillside painted in lavender hues

Of late blooming clover


My feet found it warm, worn smooth

Brown leaves crackle as layers of old scale

Peeling from the serpent’s hide

And they whispered as the winds came ’round

To fondly muss my hair and make the trees sing


Years went by in the hum of crickets

Autumn molded my breath

Callouses grew, peeled and grew again

I left pieces of them behind me, shedding my skin


Old ones say the Snake Road

Girdles the belly of the world

And I believe that could be true

For I have seen it shimmering in the gloaming

Stretching it’s sinuous curve beyond the horizon

I have tasted the spirit molecule and seen the fractal universe

In the petals of a wildflower


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