You are never broken my friends

The Memory Of Trees

Broken hearts?

Don’t make me laugh

A soul cannot break unless you refuse to bend

Love is only a whisper in the roaring river of possability

You say you jumped from that cliff?

Did you think you could fly

On the wind of weightless words?

Did you never learn the topography of another

Requires four wheel drive to navigate?

Were you just going to stroll in here

Plant a flag that says “MINE” because

Nobody else had done so?

A lack of face reflected in my heart

So you thought I needed someone there

Like I would not be able to complete myself

As if I needed the crutch of sympathy

Read my poetry so now you’ve got me figured?

So the fire of my spirit didn’t burn you?

Doesn’t mean you’re fire proof


No, hearts cannot be broken

One person cannot know another

I’ve had friends for years…

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