Letter Writing Challenge

This is a 30 day writing challenge that I have accepted from Kellie Elmore. For the next 30 days I will write a letter to a different person or thing specified by Kellie’s list.

This is a monstrous undertaking, but and I will surely regret it, but it is time I lit a fire under the arse of my lazy muse.

Day 1: To your best friend

Dear Journal/Notebook,

I can never begin to thank you for your steadfast support throughout the hardest and happiest times in my life. Like a true friend, you have witnessed my tears with silent support, laughed with me when things were funny, and shared a private understanding of my faults.

You have never divulged my secrets to another, nor have you judged me for the mistakes I have made. Always willing to lend an ear to either my rantings or my dreams with equal attention and unwavering loyalty. Allowing me to bounce my viewpoints and opinions off of your eager surface, and reflect them back to me in a way that gives me a better understanding of myself.

You have never abandoned me, hurt me, taken advantage of me, or pushed me to be someone I am not. Always ready to aid me in any way you can, giving back so much more than you take.

For all the years of your faithful service, I give to you now my heartfelt gratitude and the love of one who has been saved by your presence in my life. Without you, I never would have learned the depths and heights of myself.

Like true best friends we complete each other, and neither one of us would achieve the full potential of our abilities without the support of the other.

So here is a fruit punch toast to all the great times, and for all the ones yet to be had. May we continue to give life and inspiration to one another for many pages to come.

Sincerely Yours,

Kelley Rose


Day 2: To your husband/wife/crush

To My Dear Absent Lover,

Where are you? I wait up for you every night, and write pages of poetry in your name, although I do not know what it is. I call for you on the breeze, yearn for your arms when I cannot sleep, and sigh with wanting when the moon is high.

I would be good to you. I would not chain you down or demand too much. I would not push or pull you into a mold of my devising. I would send you soaring on the wings of a song sung just for you. I would dance in the moonlight for your eyes alone, showing you the twining pathways a body can take through the air around it. I would whisper the secrets of earth’s hidden burrows, divulging the glory of a sprouting seed. I would map the topography of your flesh with the deft hand of the artist that I am, sculpting you to fit into my palm. My bones will be your bed-frame and my body will be your mattress. My breasts shall be your pillows and my hair will be your blankets.

All of this and more I offer to you my unfound, unknown love.

I will give to you every hidden passion of your heart, you have only to ask it of me. My arms remain empty, awaiting you to fill them, and I have a mossy place inside of me that will fit you perfectly.

If you are looking for me as well, you will find me here in the silence, filling pages with wanting in the absence of you.

From This Mountain With Love,

Kelley Rose ♥

P.S. I have very dirty feet, because I don’t like to wear shoes… I hope you don’t mind.


Day 3: To your parents

Dear Chuck and Gail,

I know you never intended to have me, but I’m grateful that you did.

I understand the contention and anger that filled our household, and I want you to know you are forgiven.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and you have made a very strong woman indeed.

Thank you for teaching me how to get back on the horse each time I was thrown.

Dad, I hope you are resting well in your grave, and mom, I hope you can learn to forgive him as I have.


Kelley Rose, your youngest daughter


Day 4: To Your Favorite Relative

Dear Nikki,

All through our younger dumber years, we survived the battle ground of our household by completely ignoring one another… Which turned out to be pretty groovy, because now that we are adults, there is nothing for us to be mad at each other about ( Except the time you threw that potato at my head- which is actually kinda funny).

Now we can gab on the phone about what sort of trouble I’m currently in to, and what sort of fabulous new creation you have just knitted for the kids. We even on one very memorable occasion had a bit too much to drink and managed to offend one of our more hardened siblings, which I do believe breaks some sort of record.

You were always the sister I thought could never hold her own when the chips were down, but you proved me wrong every time, and out shone the brightest stars.

I want you to know that I think you are an excellent person, a wonderful mother, and you have two of the most beautiful children I have ever seen…. And yer husband is a spaz, you two are perfect for each other 🙂 Okay he is a great father too, and VERY funny.

I’m sorry I don’t call more, and I apologize for procrastinating so long in between visits. I find that when I finally DO make it to your house I have a great time… Please make me another espresso sometime.

Every person walks away from you with a smile my dear sister, and I want you to know that I, and the rest of the world, thank you for it.

Keep being yourself, because you are a very special person, and the world needs more of you.

I love you.


Rose Bud


Day 5: To Your Dreams

To My Dearest, and Distant Dreams,

There are so very many to address here, my darling ones. I will never be able to speak you all, so I will speak here with a few.

To the dainty girl with a guitar, singing rock music at the age of thirteen, I’m very sorry that never worked out. I am tone-deaf, and I didn’t learn to play the guitar because I was too busy with the jembes and the conga drums…

To the girl of fifteen who wanted to be the author of some new and exciting book with a story line that HADN’T been written a hundred times over; I think I’m still working on that one… Get back to me in a few more years.

To the dream of seventeen that was the construction of a massive fortress on some deserted cliff face somewhere, supplied with an array of fire power and live-stock… What on earth were you thinking? That is something only a seventeen year old would concoct in a fit of angst. There will be no battlements on my roof top.

To the dream of eighteen, when I finally came to terms with the fact that I was going to write no matter what I did, because I couldn’t seem to stop doing it. The realization that to be a writer is to see past everything, into what is beneath it… To you my darling muse who walks beside me, every other dream is built upon or twining around you, carried on your shoulders is the weight of my pen… We are in this together, you and I.

To that dream of my early 20’s to make a difference in the world, to lead people from the darkness of this pervasive despair gripping the soul. To the steadfast belief that one person can make a difference, move mountains, heal the flesh and turn the tides. To the dream of self-awareness and empowerment for people of every shape size and color. To these dreams I say to you now that I will carry you like the precious gifts that you are, and I will never drop you if you get too heavy.

To all of you who have fallen, and for all of you yet to fight the good fight, I salute you. May those of you who rest do so in peace, and those that persevere do so with honor and integrity.

Yours Truly,

Kelley Rose


Day 6: To A Stranger

To The Man At The Art’s Festival,

I’m so sorry I ran away so quickly after my poetry reading without taking the time to talk with you more. It was obvious that you were interested in my work and wanted to talk shop a bit, but I am a very elusive poet with a fear of crowds.

I was very nervous to read anything, and it was only with the support of my friends in the room that I ever made it as far as that podium. Each time I looked up from my pages to find a sea of eye-balls I thought I would break and run like a startled deer.

You caught me as I was trying to make a quick escape to the river, and you liked the post “The Memory Of Trees”. I was very grateful for your interest. It happens to be a piece I wrote during a very interesting time in my life, and if I ever get the opportunity I will tell you about it. That one has so many metaphors that correlate with specific memories…

I should have sat with you for a bit. I should have given you a card with my blog address on it. I should have at least done more than a quick “thank you” and a smile. For that I apologize.

I will be at that festival again next year, and hopefully I will have the opportunity to make amends.


Kelley Rose


Dy 7: To Your Ex Wife/Husband/Lover/Crush

Dear Phoenix,

We got married on the mountain, and had a bonfire and mead. We drank the drink of the Gods and laughed on the wind. We counted the stars and danced to the moon. Bare breasted and free, we swayed into the forest where the moss was cool.

We had 5 years together, and they were very good years.

Never did we fight when disagreements arose. Always able to talk rationally, explain calmly, deal with things as they came. In this way we taught one another patience and understanding.

You were the first true love I ever knew, and you will forever hold a place in my heart. My leaving you does not mean I care any less, it means only that you gave me the wings to fly away with. It may sound horrible, and I know a part of you hates me for it, but I ask you to think about all we have done as separate people. This life you live now and this dream I chase, would never have been possible if we had remained together.

I hope the love you carry now is a better one than I, who will take you with her when she flies away.

Still With Love,



Day 8: Favorite Internet Friend

Dear Virginia,

We’ve been bantering on-line for over a year now, and I find your particular brand of sweet insanity to be a breath of fresh air.

Your comments are always rife with smiling faces and giggles, and your words are always a welcome site on my Facebook page.

When I met you for drinks and seafood in Pioneer Square, I was mildly surprised to see that you looked quite normal, and didn’t have tentacles or a fuzzy tail. It was I admit a small disappointment, but a short lived one. Your bright smile and ready wit more than compensated for your lack of alien appendages.

I will take you up on that offer of a home cooked meal one day, so don’t be surprised when a hungry heathen Wild Woman shows up on your doorstep.

Please remember also that the offer still stands for you to camp on the river at my place, and I will teach you how to fish.

‘Till Next Time,

Kelley Rose


Day 9: To Someone You Wish You Could Meet

Dear Ani DiFranco,

I want to thank you so much for all you have given me in my life. As a young girl I didn’t understand your lyrics or your message, but the strength of your spirit shone through the music.

I lost you for a few years, and found you again as a young woman with new ears. You made me laugh, cry, scream, gasp in shock, and think more deeply about the world I live in.

You taught me to take those things that were put before me to demean, and use them as a strength. You would be proud to know that you allowed this one person to proudly say “I am a cunt.” With a smile on my face You showed me how to be empowered by my female attributes rather than be ashamed of them. After all, a man is not offended if he is called a penis, why should it bother me to be refered to as a pussy? 🙂

You taught me the dangers of the dark back alleys of the soul, and what beauty could look like if we gazed fully at the world without flinching. You are a shining example to anyone, not just women, and I am satisfied in knowing that your message will be around long after both of us are gone. The echos of you will whisper in the ears of any who open themselves enough to listen, and for this I am grateful.

Your raw power and sweet aftertaste are a welcome breath of truth in a world too well behaved to speak their mind. To say something as weightless and shallow as ‘I am grateful’ ‘thank you’ or ‘please don’t stop speaking’ is a blatant insult to all you have done, so I will simply say: “If you’re born a lion, don’t bother trying to act tame…”

I will never forget those words and what they meant to me the first time I heard them, nor will I forget all the other lessons you pounded into my skull with your guitar..

Be well, and rest easy. Although none of us are ever done, you have accomplished enough for you to sit back and enjoy your motherhood for a few years. congratulations, you have deserved it.

With All My Heart,

Kelley Rose


Day 10: Someone You Wish You Could Speak With More

Dear Mother Earth,

When I was younger I had nothing but time, and all of it was spent in your arms. Frolicking in your fields, climbing up your trees, burying my toes in your warm river sands, cooling my summer flesh in those waters, and singing with the birds in the voice you gave to me.

Yet now I am caught up in a new kind of current, the one of streaming cars and the flow of money. I make my wages tilling your soil, yet find myself with very little time to LISTEN. The noise and bustle of the city, my worries, this deadline or that issue, all seem to block out the subtle whispers of your message.

In the few brief moments where the ‘outside’ fades and the ‘inside’ becomes clear, I can feel you there. The breath of the wind, the sigh of the tides, the sway of the forest, all of these things are your living body in which I exist on.

I know this, and I am grateful for your bounty and generosity. Sometimes, however, I forget to thank you properly.

Too often of late I find myself talking far too much, without ever having a meaningful conversation. If I were to be a little more willing to accommodate you, I’m sure my mental glass would be filled to completion.

I wish so very much to have a moment or two each day to speak with you. I know the fault is mine, and I wish to rectify that in the future. Know in the meantime that I too am a spirit growing in your womb, reaching my branches into the light of your regard.

Forever Yours,

Kelley Rose, RowanOak, Wilde Woman


Day 11: A Deceased Person You Wish You Could Speak To

To My Dearest Gailen,

Oh darling how I miss you… I miss the way you would sway in your living room, alone in the darkness, playing ‘Over The Rainbow’ with a smile. I miss the way you hugged me all the time, even though I always told you I found it suffocating. I miss the way we would gab like school girls over shots at the kitchen table, the only person I could ever BE a girl with. I miss the arguments we once had, and how they would always end in laughter and shame-faced apologies.

I miss those long mutually sleepless nights when the lights were low and the conversations turned real and heavy. You taught me a way of life with the hard edge of honesty, never shying away from the offensive or evil qualities of stark reality. You always made me raise my chin when I was moping or sulking, and forced me to look in your eyes while I gave childish excuses for my ways. In your expression I saw my words reflected, and in your silent disapproval was my lesson.

You loved me unconditionally. Prepared to exaggerate and glorify my slightest talent, or shake your head with a grin at the worst of my faults. You accepted every aspect of me, whether beautiful or grotesque, as easily as your adopted stray kitties that continually scratched the leather sofa.

I wish so badly that I could speak with you now… Ask your advice, read you the poem I wrote for you, hear you tease me for being a fruit fly, receive that bone crushing hug that is your special signature… I miss you so much luv, I have tears as I put these things in words, yet how could I truly say it? Are there any words to describe what you have given me? Is there any possible way I can articulate the blessing that you were to a 9 year old girl who became a young woman under your wing?

If there was such a language to speak, I would utter it now to sing your praises.

My dear Gailen, my father/brother/sister/friend/confidant/savior, may you rest well in whatever place you now reside But failing that, I hope you are having a blast, you always were the life of the party.

Please save a spot for me, I’ll be heading your way as soon as I get off the train.

With My Heart And Soul,

Kelley Rose, Flower


Day 12: To The One Who Hurt You The Most

To Chuck,

You were by far the worst thing that ever happened to me. You hurt me in ways that are still painful to this day. Wounds that still bleed upon others who get too close. Nights that rob me of sleep and sunlit days that are steeped in shadow.

For this and a thousand other unspoken things I told my self I would never forgive you for… I was wrong.

You are not worth my time, effort, or slightest thought. Your memory has no right to have any sort of bearing upon my current path. I see you so clearly that you have earned an apathetic sort of forgiveness from me, if only because I cannot bring myself to care.

I can even say ‘thank you’. When you stripped the humanity from me, you exposed the hard inner core of a survivor.

So sleep well.


Kelley Rose


Day 13: Someone You Wish Could Forgive You

Dear Kelley Rose,

Try not to be so hard on yourself. Every mistake you made was one with good intentions.

You have never intentionally hurt a person emotionally, nor have you consciously led them astray. You have lived true to what you know and believe in, and the fact that others misunderstand or hate you for it is their own prerogative.

You are doing the best that you can, you need to learn to forgive yourself for the things you have done wrong.

It is useless to carry this disappointment with yourself. Let it go… Anicca.




Day 14: Someone You Have Drifted Away From

To The Ray Of Sunshine,

We have known each other for 16 years now, and I believe that in those years we have become friends- although neither of us ever expected to.

For most of that time we hated one another, which I suppose helped us learn the true measure of each other. There is nothing like seeing the worst of a person right off the bat to let you know where you stand.

We spent one memorable summer being close buddies and actually enjoying true friendship for a brief time. However, circumstances for which I am fully prepared to take the blame for intervened.

I’m sorry for this, and I do truly miss your company, that wild and uncontrolled exuberance that you are constantly filled with.

It is sad these days that all I receive are drunken garbled messages, completely illegible texts, and occasional requests for rides here and there.

I suppose without our third, we aren’t really a good team. He balanced us somehow, or was the glue that held us all together… But when he gave up we fell apart… How sad.

Just know that I will always forgive you for your obnoxious behavior, and I hope you find yourself someday, because you have been lost for a long time now.

Still Your Friend,

Kelley Rose


Day 15: To The Person You Miss The Most

To My Dearest Jaccob,

I miss you so much, my man. You always had my back, made me smile when I was down, how you knew what I was saying without speaking, waited patiently for me each day, and said ‘I love you’ in that special way that only a dog can.

I remember the soft spot right behind your ears, and how you would close your eyes and push into my fingers when I scratched just there. How you insisted on sitting on my foot anytime I stood still enough. The way you watched everything around me, letting nothing too close if it had not passed your inspection. When you snored in my ear and pushed me off the bed with two big hairy feet. All of the times we raced down the steep mountain trails, jumping logs and boulders.

You were my truest friend, and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to grow up with. For 14 years we laughed and ate jerky together, now you’re hangin’ out at the Big Fire Place In The Sky. Your feet are likely too close, but I guess now you don’t have to worry about singing your toe feathers.

I miss you down here, and I want you to know that I love you just as much now as I did the first day you suckled on the bottle. I will forever hold the memory of you cradled in my heart, for even to this day I have never experienced a bond deeper than ours.

May you rest easily in the black mountain earth, someday we will run together again.


With All My Heart,

Kelley Rose


Day 16: Someone Out Of State/Country

Dear Jo,

I hope you know that you are the back end of a donkey.

You have vexed me beyond reason, and I am not prepared to forgive you for it yet. You have no right saying pretty things like that and then running off with my heart once I give it to you. You are a mean, mean man, and I hope you step in dog poop.

However, I hope you are doing well, off on your new mission to save the world, or whatever you’re up to.

I hope you are no longer yelling vulgar things to the trees or harassing your notebooks with that same sentence; ‘I should really quit drinking coffee.’ And please, whatever you do, do not stop making zombie comics, they are very funny…

I’m still very mad at you though, so I hope you stay far far away with your pretty green eyes.


Black Fedora


Day 17: Someone From Childhood

Dear Kat,

Well it’s been a long time since we sword fought with driftwood and climbed the trees to spy on the town, but I still remember your laughter.

Sneaking out your window at midnight to smoke cigarettes under the bridge or talk to the ghosts at the end of Avenue A. Telling spooky stories on the dilapidated porch of the abandoned cabin, collecting colorful pebbles, swimming in the ice cold river, being chased by kamikaze horse flies as we pedaled madly on our bikes, and all the times we heard your grandmother’s piercing whistle with a sigh of regret, knowing we were caught.

Now you are a mother, I’m a footloose poet, and we have grown miles and ages apart from each other. We will still cherish the memories of our summers in the starlight, which always seemed to shine brighter than the sunshine.

Certain things bring those moments back; The smell of chili, apple trees, an ivy patch, push mowers, blackberry cobbler, and swinging chairs. I hope some things still remind you of me, and make you smile in the midst of your busy day.

Still Remembering,



Day 18: The Person You Wish You Could Be

Dear Me,

I admire you for your integrity and perseverance. Your patience and empathy with others makes the world a little brighter when you walk in the room.

I will meet up with you someday, and when I do, you have to tell me your secret.

Until then I will try to learn from you.

With All Sincerity,

Kelley Rose


Day 19: Someone That Pesters Your Mind (good OR bad)

To The Perfidious Pen,

You are such a sneaky little devil. Showing up on the floor boards of my jeep, pants destined for the wash, breaking open in the bottom of my overnight bag, hiding in the cushions, poking me in the bum when I slide into bed (how did you get there, anyway?) running out of ink at some crucial moment, taunting me with silence, drowning me in profusions of color, forcing me to utilize you until my hand is cramped and painful, and my eyes are dry and burning.

Such a demanding wench you are.

You ride my thoughts with a shameless dedication, poking and prodding me with your wet little tips- pun most definitely intended.

I’m not complaining, mind you, I wouldn’t trade it for well balanced or unimaginative brain any day. You keep me on my toes and teach me new ways of being crazy.

Thank you for being such a pleasant thorn in my side.

With Love And exasperation,

Big Mamma


Day 20: The One That Broke Your Heart

Dear Ingrid,

I hope you get sand in your crack…

And I hope you find someone who will love you for the twisted, sneaky, selfish, beautiful, compelling and kind person that you are.

Sarah McLaughlin ‘Mary Walks’

CSN&Y ‘Helplessly Hoping’

With Complete sincerity,

The Wild Rose


Day 21: Someone You Judged By The First Impression

Dear Louie,

When I first met you, I thought you were a drunken ranter with a severe aversion to personal hygiene. In the 16 years since that day, I have found you to be a beautiful soul with an endless capacity for love and laughter, with wicked sence of humor that never ceases to offend and captivate me simultaneously.

You have been a good friend when friendship was hard to find, and I know I can always receive a hug and an insult when I need one. A real person with a heart of gold and a finely honed edge of honesty that could cut through any platitudes thrown lightly by others.

Your strength and perseverance is a constant inspiration to me, and I hope to one day find the love and devotion you have found with your partner. You deserve every wonderful thing that has come your way, and a thousand others that have yet to fill your glass.

May the years left to you be filled with smiles and dirty jokes, and may the scales be kind to you when your sins are weighed. Know that in the meantime you have a devoted sister who sees the beauty of you and is honored to put you on the short list of those I call my friends. If there is anything I could ever do for you, don’t hesitate to ask.

My home is your home, my life is your life, and my blood is your blood.





Day 22: Someone You Want To Give A Second Chance To

Dear Kelley Rose,

I think we should start over you and I.

I’m thinking we got this whole thing off on the wrong foot and things just went down hill from there. Perhaps a second chance is precisely what we need… Break ourselves of bad habits, start chasing things we can catch, and reaching for things we can actually attain.

I believe that as the inner voice of your conscience I have a right to speak my peace, so I thought I would just put it out there for your consideration. You were always so good at taking my advice before, so I’m hoping you will hear this most hopeful suggestion.

Of course you did always listen to your pages more than my whispering, so I told your pen to pass along the message.


Your Conscience


Day 23: The Last Person You Kissed

To My Dear Mother Tree,

I have kissed your mossy trunk this evening as a sweet thank you for the way you shelter my life.

Every crossroads I have come to brought me to your arms, where I whispered my secrets and was given strength in return. Each bump and scrape, like a child I brought them to your motherly attentions.

You stand proudly at my door with your hands on your ample hips, guarding both my land and my dreams with infinite patience.

Always ready to receive my arms, teaching me the silence of roots.

I shall take care of you for as long as my life will last, this I vow to you.

Forever Yours,

Kelley Rose


Day 24: The Person Who Gave You Your Fondest Memory

Dear Anthony,

Well I was going to say my favorite memory was riding the double bike and passing those Harleys, but then I thought about lawn bowling and that red light on your front porch. Then I thought about that morning I woke up with a fork in my bra and that hysterical prank we pulled at 3 a.m. with yellow sweatshirts tied around the lower halves of our faces… Then of course I remembered that fish we caught off the bridge that tasted really horrible but we ate it anyway… Then I was reminded of softball in the rain and falling in the mother of all mud pits on your dirt bike… Then I thought about surfing out the window of that orange truck and beating on the dash to get the stereo to work because it wouldn’t play our favorite song… I thought about Dexie and Beebo (or whatever that thing’s name was) and how you scared the shit out of me with that fire cracker and beer went up my nose…

By the end of it of course I still couldn’t tell you what my favorite memory is, but I know it was you who supplied it. Every time I try to think of my favorite moment, my happiest moment, when I laughed with abandon and did spontaneously goofy things, it is somehow attributed to you and that wonderful summer of ’09. For that and all the other wonderful and kind things you have done for others, this letter is to say thank you.

You are the best and worst friend I have ever had (for the same reasons, oddly enough) and I wouldn’t trade you for a million perfect people.

You are a very bright star who lights the way for others, but will burn them if they get too close. Knowing this is all a part of knowing you, and that is perfectly alright with me.

I hope you have a life filled with love and joy, and that others continue to supply to you what you have so generously given to them.

With All My Heart,

Kelley Rose


Day 25: The Person Going Through The Worst Time

To My Dear Grandmother,

I cannot pretend to know the sorrow you carry for the loss of your husband. I never knew him as a man, but as a grandpa he was exceptional. If that is any indication of his character, he must have been a wonderful life partner.

The last years you had were good ones, and perhaps those good memories help to outweigh the bad. Know that you are not alone in your grief. That even though none will mourn him as you do, we all grieve along side of you.

I am absent now, miles away in another state while the family gathers. You are surrounded now by shoulders to lean on and hands to do the dishes, while my work schedule looms ahead. I regret my absence, but send all my love on this night breeze. My it gently dry your tears.


Kelley Rose


Day 26: The Last Person You Made A Pinky Promise To

Dear Rabbit,

So you may not remember this, but we sat at a mexican bar drinking tequilla on our way to Seattle, and we promised each other we would hang out again. We wrapped our pinkies, giggling like school girls at the silliness of it, then you accidentally tore the dollar bill as it was going to tip the bar tender.

I told you it was a sign, that you had to keep half of it, and when we met again we would buy something together.

I do believe that was the first and only time I have ever pinky swore, I never did that sorta thing as a child, and it was very strange to do so as an adult… The shots likely helped a bit…

I still intend to honor that promise, so you better have that damn half of a dollar still.

Your Friend,

The Tiger


Day 27: The Friendliest Person You Knew For Only One Day

Dear John Doe,

So there you sat on the front porch of a little general store in Browning, California on a rainbow striped blanket. You had a smile for everybody heading your way, sure they had come to visit you and not the groceries. All those who knew to expect you there had come bearing gifts in the form of hugs, pats on the shoulder as they passed, or small bits of jerky.

You had such a beautiful way, those kind brown eyes looking out over that little country road just waiting for someone to happen along for them to beam at. A slow steady thumping from your tail on the floor boards harmonising with the dragon flies, making me sleepy with contentment as I sipped my soda.

What you represented to that small community, and what you gave to them simply by being there, was a beautiful thing to behold. I can think of no better way of enjoying a sunday afternoon then to watch you weave your magic, drawing happiness and joy from the most weary of hearts that passed you by.

I went back again the next day, but the little store was closed and you were gone. What kind of store closes at 6:00 ? I suppose it is a special kind of a store, like the kind people write about in books…

Your Lunch Partner,

Kelley Rose


Day 28: Someone That Changed Your Life

Dear Moon,

I was 13 years old, and I wanted employment. I showed up on your job site and asked you if I could do anything to help. You dealt with my mistakes and blunders as you taught me to paint and work a garden. Almost 13 years now I have worked for you, and you have become so much more than my employer.

Sister, friend, confidant, mother, and teacher. Always there to hug me, correct me, help me up or let me down easy. Doing so much more than you needed to, going above and beyond any expectations I had made for you. Soaring clear past wonderful and into saintly.

I love you from the bottom of my heart, and I don’t know what I would have done without you in my life.

Some day I hope I can return the favor… If that is at all possible.


Kelley Rose Of Rose Hill


Day 29: The Person You Would Like To Tell Everything To But Are Too Afraid

Dear Journal,

I am a liar. I tell you everything will be alright, I tell you we’re gonna be fine, that I’m not going anywhere… But I am.

I tell you that the mountain over there is just a mole hill, and that we have it all under control.

I prattle on about the little things that pass my mind, while the furtive shadows of doubt creep along. Ignoring the elephant in the room while I whittle down the lines of my pages until they are sharp enough to cut me.

Burying the white expanse of nothing with frantic whorls of black ink, drowning myself in mindless inner chatter.

I wish I could be truthful to you, that I could do justice to the trees who fell to your construction. Wish fervently that I could speak to you the entirety of me… I would, if I knew how.

So please, my dearest journal. Bear with me as I struggle through the mire of the everyday clutter. Allow me to lean on you a bit longer, cry a few more tears on your shoulder, before you run out of pages…




Day 30: Your Reflection In The Mirror

Dear Kelley Rose,

Well, there you are. I was wondering where you had gone off to, that hard edged woman too wild for taming. I see you there in the depths of my eyes, past the pretty little colors everybody likes so much. Yes, I see the strength quietly standing there in the half light of my iris, gazing back with a face that looks like mine.

I see there the primal beast in the lines of my brow, how the shadows make furrows and canyons. The sharp angles of the nose and jaw, outlined in fluorescents and knotty pine panelling, are revealing the underlying wildness in the tame topography of my flesh.

The lips that attempt a pretty smile are drawn wryly at the edges, and just there a smirk, hovering at the corners. As if I can’t quite get with the twisted sense of humor life has to offer me.

Yes so there you are, Kelley Rose the poet, dancer, dreamer… Whatever you call yourself these days.

I want you to know that you do not fool me. You can wear a mask for so long that you can begin to believe it, but I know who you are. I gave birth to you. Carried you within me and gave you life in the skin I once wore. You have no secrets from me.

Yet still I wonder about something; When I look into the mirror at you, you are looking out at me? And if so, do you see me as clearly as I see you…?




8 thoughts on “Letter Writing Challenge

  1. virginia reynolds

    i will be coming sooner then you think my dear friend…you know you are always welcome day night rain shine moon stars…..anytime…you can even call if ya wanted..:D i have went and got my self domesticated with an old dear friend of years past..and it was the best thing i could have done…i am finely free…:D i hope all is well with you , you have and always will be a true light that shines when you grace us with your words…i hope to see you again soon


  2. Nicole Tastad

    Wow!I always knew you were a special person,….And now, I know for sure.I truly wish you had met my late son Tristan….

    Will be leaving Index soon..Did not find the solace I was looking for..


  3. aw I miss you too miss Kellie, but I really had to get off facebook, it’s not really my style. I will do a FWF or inspirational prompt of some sort on Monday, so I’ll be seeing you then. Luvs and hugs XOX


  4. Nikki

    Thanks that made me cry…….. that was very brave, good job, its not something I would ever let the public see :)…… I have forgiven our parents a long time ago too, right about the time I had ben, for him and now ev I am willing to forgive, never forget, but simply forgive 🙂 in a way I`m gratefull too because I love me and who ive become and that wouldnt have been possible with any other parents 🙂


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