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Hello there stranger, you look very pretty today.

This is the page where I am supposed to go tooting my own horn about how interesting I am, brag about my accomplishments and come across with that suave yet self-depreciating attitude of the published author.

I will not be doing that.

Instead I will tell you, welcome to my brain. This blog is not a pretty, fancy, chic ploy to accumulate followers or showcase my attempts at literary grandeur, it is an accumulation of thoughts, notes to self, poetry, story and random napkin-scribbled ruminations.

In the past I was fond of heavy leather bound notebooks and filled over two dozen of them with writing I imagined one day publishing, only to lose that 13 years worth of effort in a house fire. Since then I have learned the wisdom of storing my work online and I use this blog to do so. Not all that is posted here is what I consider “publishable” work. As any artist knows, lot’s and lot’s of practice is needed, consistently, in order to better yourself and push your limits. Some of what I post is personal as an exercise in the use of metaphor or poetry dynamics, and some are completed works set down for posterity and future reference. Since I do not label which is which, I leave it up to you as the reader to decide.

We are constantly bombarded by negative messages of doom and gloom. So often what we hear is the political excrement hitting the fan, not the silent passage of a doe. So here on my blog I have given you freely of myself, in the full spectrum of humanity. Here you will find love, sorrow, war, guilt, sadness, ecstasy, prettily spoken lies that tell a metaphoric truth, grass stains on your logic, stardust freckles and prose that will make you think around some pretty sharp corners. I do not wrap up my epiphanies neatly for you or spell out something simple and catchy that melts quickly on your tongue should you speak it.  I invite you to jump in to the deep end of the gene pool. To be awed by the vast expanse of existence, to sing like a mountain and dance like a falling Autumn leaf.

The mind is a precious thing and should not be wasted by too much rationality, as it can be just as harmful as huffing a tail-pipe. Philosophy, art, poetry and other forms of non-linear thinking have enriched civilizations since before we learned to stack one stone atop another. It has brought us myth, dance, song, body paint, music, weaving, culture… And religion. The ability to be awed by a glorious sunset, to smile at the song of a mockingbird or track the flight of an eagle with admiration are not attributes that define us as human- But they do make us BETTER humans… That is my two cents worth of opinion, anyway.

So enjoy yourself in the grove of pages my friend. Go strolling with your shoes off, enjoy the damp mossy tickles of humor. Let the wind of words tousel your hair and mutter to yourself if you wish, I will not judge nor rate your level of unique insanity. Feast with your eyes ’till you are sated, may these words fill your belly with a happy gurgle.

Feel free to supply your own thoughts, poke me with commentary, or post me links to things you think I may find interesting (I love it when people do that).




Mahalo, enjoy


This picture was taken June 2012 at Polihale State Park in Kauai, Hawaii



This is also Polihale, sunset 2014





This is my family. My partner Samuel and our son Simon. Kauai 2015



Me and Simon in the Baobab tree Kauai, 2015


24 thoughts on “About My Blog

  1. your favorite sister

    is this description ur own work i like it i didnt realize how far youve come i havent read any of your work in a while sorry next time we get together ( this weekend) bring some more


  2. your favorite sister

    so heres a thought for you my tourtured soul

    we make our own life don’t we everything you do you have a choice are you unhappy why are you satisfied with who you are as a person maybe you are and maybe your just faking till you believe it thats my motto it works for almost everything and i couldn’t possibly be any happier i love my life


    1. Thank you very much for the lovely compliment Dave, my pages are blushing. Everyone is gifted my friend, we all have different ways of shining our lights. Mine is with words and all it takes is reaching, reaching to the wordless and finding a metaphor… Most of the true things have no expression, that is why we have art 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Prashant Nawani

        My shoes were worn out. I made a monument to hide them. It was silly of me. Naked feet…washing them in the stream of forgetting…entering the grove of pages… lost in the whispers of trees…

        Liked by 1 person

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