Quirks And One-Liners

   This is a collection of mottos, one liners, and random thoughts that I wrote in the margins of my books. Some of them are funny, and some of them make absolutely no sense out of context.

   Have fun with them, I know I did 🙂



“Never exceed the speed limit of your thoughts”

“No lesson, no matter how small, is an irrelevant one”

“Be sure you are willing to devour that which you hunt for”

“Never initiate change for the sake of change. Shape your future intently”

“Love without fear”

“Eyes can pierce your armor as easily as swords and can be just as painful”

“Discover new ways of being crazy”

“Think of reality as something not only relative, but optional as well”

“Choose to ignore the useless people”

“Buck up cupcake, those undies won’t wash themselves”

“Whoever said a smile was cheap has never bet on the Jack of Hearts”

“Cut like a knife when you need to and heal wounds when you find them”

“Cross all of the lines”

“Pages are indeed good company, for they hold the memory of trees”

“Never be ashamed of your honest opinion”

“Never bend to fit inside of another”

“Never say no to dancing”

“Travel light, but loaded for bear”

“Don’t pick your friends like flowers”

“Heed the silent thoughts”

“Chase your prey knowing what you are hungry for”

“When you are stuck between two diverging paths, blaze a new one through the middle”

“Even your painful memories should be cherished, for each one holds a lesson”

“Accept that there is a slight possibility that nobody will ever understand”

“Be careful what you say, your words will echo in the minds of others”

“You have not lived until you have hugged a tree naked”

“Hold your cards up close to your chest, but wear your heart on your sleeve”

“Playing with fire is dangerous”

“Helmets do not help you when stars start falling”

“Constantly remind your self”

“Moderation in all things is pretty damn boring”

“YOU are religion, therefore you will never lack divinity”

“Prepare to be amazed”

“I like living with this wet little heart, I just wish it would stop dripping on my pages”

“Keep an eye on your thoughts, they have the tendency to wander off and do naughty things”

“Don’t discard your logic, but know when to put it on a shelf”

“Defend strongly what you believe, but be prepared to change your mind if you find new information”

“I am SO mooning you right now”

“Giggle and wiggle. Go on, nobody is watching”

“Everybody holds a piece of the truth”

“Remember that you are a growing thing that needs light to thrive”

“Life can be a word for strength, if you speak it that way”

“Sorry, musical moment- what was I saying?”

“Eat the fruit of knowledge, climb in the tree of wisdom, frolic in the fields of possibility”

“Watch me wield this pen like a dueling cane”

“Run really fast, and walk really slow”


“I can tell the truth with the prettiest lie you ever heard”

“Sorry about treading on your pride, but what was it doing on the floor?”

“Hiding is not a defence, it is cowardice”

“If you do not know what you are saying, quit talking”

“Your feet are a planet friendly form of transportation”

“Big brother is watching you, so shake it if ya got it.

“Don’t pee on rose bushes”

“Does this coffin make me look fat?”

“Coffee is the moper’s kryptonite”

“You can shove that opinion right back where you found it”

“My brain has been pickled… Dill, I think”

“Your opinion is only as useful as the person hearing it”

“Can you point the way to happiness please? I got lost on the road of good intentions”

“Don’t ask me for my opinion unless you are prepared to hear it”

“Please, don’t quote me on that…”

“Is someone keeping track of all this?”

“Wait… I just had a really good thought…”

“Lousy poets, popping out of the woodwork”

“Sure, I can turn on a dime… Wanna watch me dance on a penny?”

“If the whole world can be mapped on one piece of paper, why can’t the mind be mapped in an entire world of languages?”

“Wow. I think I may have blown a fuse”

“Somebody please save me from the army of chickens”

“No I haven’t seen your epiphany, I wish you would stop asking”

“I had one once, but it’s so easy to lose the small things”

“I will be anyone I need to be at any given moment, as long as I can still be myself”

“If you are living for another, make sure that one is worthy”

“If you thought I was ‘sweet’ then you have not been paying attention”

“Yes, that is a thorn in your side. How does it feel?”

“Broken hearts make pretty pictures”

“Of course I didn’t answer you, you didn’t ask the right questions”

“Watch out, I’m not afraid to throw this cherry bomb at you”

“Shallow minds are hard to swim in”

“Pickles are what happens to bad cucumbers when they die”

“Sorry, I decided lunacy was preferable to attempting to make sence of your drivel”

“Artists taste better”

“Funny, I missed the day they crowned you King of the asshole”

“Well, so much for Barbie”

“Little bunny foo-foo never learned his lesson”

“I have a feeling that all the unwritten things are out there being naughty”

“Home base is not always a home run”

“If you can’t take my hand, how do you expect me to break your fall?”

“Learning is oftentimes harder than knowing”

“If you want to ride the fence, then you better work on your balance”

“Placating is not in the poet’s job description”

“Am I in the wrong place, or is the wrong place in me?”

“It is the sounds I do not hear that haunt me”

“They are now playing pool in the halls of Valhalla”

“I prefer a pen because I cannot erase the words I say”

“One blink can hide a thousand secrets”

“You are a chalice, be careful of what you fill yourself with”

“To live in anger is to starve amidst a feast”

“The most un-expected moments are often the most powerful”

“Sadness is heavy on a heart full of love”

“You haven’t felt pain until you have performed heart surgery on yourself”

“The footsteps of my past have left muddy tracks in my soul”

“He stands mutely… As if a cat has got his tongue”

“I have a mossy place in my heart that fits you perfectly”

“Hindsight is a terribly ironic affair”

“The true measure of a person is their ability to save themselves”

“Strength is only an asset if it bolsters your stability. Strength that takes all of your will-power to wield is hurting you more than it heals”

“A fall from grace is the perfect opportunity to learn how to fly”

“When you get shat upon, just think of it as being fertilized”

“If it is too big to hold with both hands, consider yourself very lucky”

“A drop of sun is my spotlight, this patch of moss my stage”


10 thoughts on “Quirks And One-Liners


    Be sure you are willing to devour that which you hunt for.
    Love that quote Kelley! Also Love Stranger of the world. Do you miss Poi? LOL
    I wish you were still here on Kauai. You are such an amazing poet! I would Love to Meet you!
    Aloha from Kauai


  2. Woman, I have been all over the place looking for an email to reach you lol! So here I am with the dealio… So I know you wrote for my FWF…and I am re-launching it in the next couple weeks and want to make a video/montage for it. I am looking for people who would be willing to send me either a photo of themselves holding a paper/sign that says something like “I love FWF” OR a SHORT video review/comment just 30 seconds to a minute in length. If you are interested, please let me know and I will send you my email address. No hard feelings if this is not for you. smile emoticon Thanks for your time. xo Kellie


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