Too many words worn down with ink
Distilling my thoughts with ease, one blink
Will hold galaxies of dream, incommunicable emotion
Description becomes a frivolous notion

Poetry is merely a reflection of soul
If one is empty, a heart doesn’t feel pull
Gravity is the result of our accumulation of mass
Gathering pieces of friends who orbit past
Incorporating Truth as we find it shown
Making strengths of our weakness, our edges honed

So radiate heat as your ethos flames
Retain a feral eye, be fluid, un-named
For you are the universe manifest, alive
And through your consciousness, spirit will thrive


I Am A Rose With Many Thorns

Once, winter cut through me, despite my layers
Like a knife in my back that was undeserved
I bled on my long walk homeward, soiling the snow
Ice condensed on the toes of my boots, the ends of my long hair,
Swished and scratched across my collar
There was sorrow there, in darkness
Where I did not use my flashlight

I drank a few beers to distract from my distress, but still, that road was long and quiet
I would find myself speaking Shakespeare and Masefield into the darkness
Warding off bears and and other musk-scented demons from the shadows of my mind
With poetry…

With solace and metaphor

Yet still I was haunted with echoes, as if it were a ghost
And not the memory of those words that hounded me

My time here is limited, these lessons are sacred
Moments when Will becomes stronger than weeping

My own heartbeat, my own silence teaches more
Than any book I have ever read

HERE I am, in this moment of Aloha
I see how my path has led me to the sea
As I knew it would, for I am liquid…
Now I must learn to SEE with these new eyes
To be as open as the horizon that surrounds this island

I remember the lessons so dearly won
Never again will I give until my heart breaks with sadness
For one who enjoys being broken

The emotion that I am feels the tide, pushing me outward
Challenging the solidity of a grounded theory

I know the storm has just begun,
This blessing of rain
Must water me, even amidst the deluge
For I am the floods of Autumn, the cleansing destruction
Quenching those who thirst for that bare naked truth
Found only in the depths where sharks are swimming
This is my Power, I am a river, and sometimes it is difficult to see the current
Before it rips away your careless footing
And it’s ass over teakettle into the flow

I may talk too much but I never speak lightly
So believe me when I say;
I cannot lift you up if you won’t take my hand
I will never be your crutch or carry your weight
I am walking the path of my own making, leave your judgement at the door or don’t come in

Now go blaze your own trail into the ominous night
Search among your shadows for a glimmer of light
Make friends with the ever present fear and desire
Until you burn with your own inner wisdom and fire


Cheap Wine and Philosophy

This is for Kellie Elmore, may she weather her storms with strong roots


It was dark… but you know

That’s when you can see the stars

Or, so I told myself

Glass half full, except

It was very bad wine

I drank it anyway

It was that kind of night

Trees whispered things I did not wish to hear

So I ignored them

And in so doing

Did not hear the wind

But whatever, no matter, nada to me

I just thought about a particular person

Among millions of people

Sculpted dead air into the well-loved features

Of his oblivious expression

Hanging hopes on his branches

Gossamer strands of fragile words

Woven with tearful song, impossible wanting

Which his torrents of breath, sharp knives of teeth

Would cut to ribbons every time he spoke

Children build castles made of sand

Joyfully aware of the incoming tide

And that is not beside the point at all, really

When you reach the bottom of the bottle, you see

As I did, reflected by that bare green glass

How we all build our castles, our walls, our security

Yet unlike the child, refuse to see

The tides of life barreling toward us

And when they consume our carefully constructed life

Wipe it all away in one fell swoop

We are left only with ourselves, and we decide

To revel in renewal or weep for death…

To live in the moment that has just passed

Or live for the moments you have yet to create