Lucid Dreams of Life

Send the Siren who will croon to my blood

Knowledge of how to ride this flood

For a storm comes again, though not in violence

It rages now in stealthy silence


Tides growing restless on receding shores

Selling redemption on the streets, and in the stores

Waves and walls will come crashing down

Those who can’t swim with the current, will drown


So I am summoning Olde songs of creation, rebirth

The clarion call that long ago awakened this earth

Instruct me once again to embody tempest wind

For learning how wings fly, is a genesis within


A willingness to fall, yet the courage to leap

I will look to your wisdom when I sleep

My heartbeat recalls drums on the savanna, I dance

As stars wheel above me, in epiphany’s glance



Sleeper, Dreamer

I imagine you to be a cocoon

Of what insect variety I am not quite certain

To be sure, you have wings

Time will tell if they are the mask of a Gypsy Moth

Or the scarlet flash of a Rose Swallowtail


Sunlight peers through your hidden layers

You curl inward awaiting…

The Spring of your precise moment


Leaves whisper, time beckons

Slow to pass in your reprieve…

Awaken, I say, for the winds remember

The names you have forgotten


Earth Songs

There was a movement in the ocean like breath

To the rhythm of earth’s heart beat, my feet pounded the drum of sand

Wind played my unbound hair like a jazz pianist

So sweet and slow was the stroke of sun upon my shoulders

In harmony with the tune of a passing sirus cloud, I take the full measure of the beach

End to end the dance of my tread, among puka shells and driftwood castles

Until black, immutable, stood the line of cliffs

Hunched and muttering in the break of sea

I sit myself down among basalt and stone crabs

My joyous limbs no longer aflutter as a bird in flight

Folded, wings resting on the curve of spine

Breathing with the patience of water

I am the song of birds in keawe groves

Pounding surf

Breezy fingers knowing hidden fissures of stone

I am the river who yearns, tumbling from the mountains to rejoin the sea

I am the memory of me

Someone who used to be

Now only melody

I reach to the heavens obscuring starlight behind noon’s coy veil

Casting a single wish into the silent ether

“Dance with me”


Reflections Of The Truth

Sing in fractured melodies

As a crystal rending light rays

With a faceted dagger

Cut through shadow

With your slant-eyed illumination

Your tilted logic with it’s drunken axis

Painting rainbows on my brooding panes

Trembling with my resonant words

Ethereal breath sends dancing your atoms

For the joy of metaphor

Where lies are more truthful

Than a written Word