Shallow Are Your Blue Eyes

In the dark of night I remember you

How a metaphor of ink can shift in hue

All relative to where the facet lies

How observant are your lidded eyes?


Moonlight soothes your jagged edges

The path your wayward tread was led in

Brought you here to an empty page

Have you wisdom to give, you deviant sage?


Ears are open to words of your Truth

Shallow swimming in the ponds of youth

But still the seeds of epiphany swim

And I’ll surely get wet, if you let me in




She Sleeps

Golden haired sunshine steps in to the room

Light of his smile will banish the gloom

Tip-toe in silence across the floor

To the Lady of Night come ashore

Dawn does not break upon her dream

Instead sets porcelain flesh to gleam

Where it lay bare atop blanketed stars

Among the streaks of satellite scars

Tenderly covers the sleeper’s brow

Furrowed by the farmer’s plow

Kisses warm as summertime

Murmurs endearments, undefined

Slowly thawed to liquid ease

Her rest is full, her wrath appeased

The sun will hold paternal sway

Upon the song of birds and hues of day

But when mystery grows deep and dark

When blackness begs for the fire’s spark

When blood is pulled in Lunar tides

Our sleeping Lady will arise


Cover me not with soft petals and flattery

Let the roses grow unmolested

Do not scatter their carcasses tenderly

Where my nightly dreams have rested

Leave wax, also, for the sake of bees

Set not their labor to flame

Of candles nor song have I a need

When our windows whisper rain

Beguile me instead with the simplicity

Of your eyes which taste my flesh

Painting salty complexities

In every baited breath

Drive me to the edge of No Man’s Land

May your beast be there revealed

To be stroked, untamed by a poet’s hand

Where no metaphors conceal

Beneath all trite trappings of civility

You are naked as the day you were born

In this way present your Self to me

For my heart has been forlorn

Body Of Water

He is fluid, mobile

In exactly the same way

That a rock is not

When you see him walking toward you

Sunlight glittering on those ripples

Dazzling your eyes with glamour

You had best remove yourself from his path

Or you are bound to get wet

Swept right off your feet

And thrashed soundly on the stony shore

Of his doubtful gaze

While The Night Is Young

Honey bee, I gotta say

You have a sexy soul strut

A wiggle in your wonder

A whiff of astral awesome

In your armpits

Curves like a river

Wrap around my shiver

Waters of your iris hue

Wash me till my flesh is new

Pour all over me your splendor

Where the hollows of my flesh remember

How you fit into my empty space

The way epiphany will taste

Melting on my summer tongue

Where songs of solitude were sung

Bite Me

Here stands your serendipitous poet

Resplendent in rags of riddle

Fishing for a song

Playing out her succulent metaphor

On a gossamer line hidden

Within distorted reflection

Shimmering in potent depths

Where hungry eyes find awaiting

At the end, the hook of a comma

Sharp as well-honed wit

Baited with a pretty turn of phrase

And despite yourself, to spite yourself

You bite



On that alluring flavor

Who’s writhing scrawl

Parodies life

With artistic precision

Only to be snared with barbed euphoria

From the sharp punctuation

Of a sleight pause,